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3Novices:1,109-carat uncut diamond from Botswana mine sells for $53 million

3Novices:UK warns Boeing over Bombardier row

3Novices:Ryanair crisis deepens with more cancellations

3Novices:French & German trainmakers to merge to create world's number two locos and signals giant

3Novices:Takeaway: Searching heat in the heart of earth

3Novices:Siemens and Alstom set to merge rail assets

3Novices:Euro slips after German election results

3Novices:Digging deeper: can hot air provide sustainable source of electricity?

3Novices:Moody's revises Britain's credit rating to negative from stable

3Novices:Fighting space junk

3Novices:Legends of Space, ep 8: Sputnik: The satellite that changed the world

3Novices:Sixty years of Sputnik - the satellite that changed the world

3Novices:Superfast broadband speeds for a brave new Gigaworld

3Novices:Creating the perfect tomato

3Novices:Takeaway: Tomatoes in the desert

3Novices:Kazakhstan embraces the digital age

3Novices:Combined costs of twin US hurricanes to reach 200 billion

3Novices:Cassini on its final dive towards Saturn

3Novices:UK inflation rises to 2.9%

3Novices:Tattooed cucumbers in the fight against plastic

3Novices:Google lodges appeal against 2.4bn EU fine

3Novices:Fish in a new climate

3Novices:Takeaway: Fish & climate

3Novices:Using viruses to fight cancer

3Novices:'Fake news': Azerbaijan on claims it ran 2.5 bn-euro slush fund

3Novices:Azerbaijan slams report it ran slush fund to promote image abroad

3Novices:North Korea overshadows BRICS summit as Beijing slates Trump's trade threat

3Novices:European winegrowers turn to robots to increase competitiveness

3Novices:Takeaway: the wine robot

3Novices:How do hurricanes get their names ?

3Novices:Hurricane Harvey pushes up petrol prices, but 'economic outlook positive'

3Novices:Britain frustrated with slow Brexit talks

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