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3Novices:Ben Waechter's Tower House makes the most of an "unbuildable" Portland hillside

3Novices:Ireland looks forward to dairy boom once EU quotas go

3Novices:ECB to unveil details of QE programme, discuss Greece

3Novices:Italian anti-euro, anti-immigrant party holds rally in Rome

3Novices:Kurdish leader calls on his PKK fighters to lay down arms

3Novices:Warming Huts provide shelter for ice-skaters on Winnipeg's frozen river

3Novices:Ukraine: Full ceasefire maintained in some areas, Kyiv reports

3Novices:Putin promises to hunt down killers of opposition figure Boris Nemtsov

3Novices:He lived long and prospered: Tributes to Leonard Nimoy

3Novices:Floral tributes left at scene of Nemtsov murder in Moscow

3Novices:Mondaine launches "first ever Swiss-made smartwatch"

3Novices:Old upholsterer's workshop in London transformed into a narrow brick home

3Novices:3D scanning will be used to create "unique fitted clothing"

3Novices:Putin launches investigation into Boris Nemtsov's murder

3Novices:EU voices 'indignation' over Nemtsov murder

3Novices:Japan: Was brutal murder of boy, 13, inspired by ISIL?

3Novices:Mexico's most-wanted drug lord 'La Tuta' is arrested

3Novices:Farage bangs immigration drum at UKIP's spring conference

3Novices:US and Cuba a step closer to normal diplomatic relations

3Novices:Italy urges recognition of Palestinian state

3Novices:Eight jailed in 100m euro double Paris jewellery heist

3Novices:Fierce anti-Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov shot dead in Moscow

3Novices:Both sides pull back heavy weapons in eastern Ukraine but mistrust remains

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