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3Novices:Istanbul nightclub attack kills 35, injures 40 in New Year carnage

3Novices:World in focus — best photos for December 31, 2016

3Novices:Moscow says no 'tit-for-tat' retaliation after US expels 35 Russian diplomats

3Novices:A 2016 love story: the Macedonian cop and the Iraqi refugee

3Novices:US slaps sanctions on Russia in retaliation for hacking

3Novices:Child refugees in Serbia: 'They are adult without having lived the youth'

3Novices:Finland jails drugs squad chief for smuggling hash

3Novices:The vital role of SMEs in medical research

3Novices:Making plastics from natural products, not oil

3Novices:2016 in review: is it left to Germany to save Europe?

3Novices:Russia and Turkey agree Syria ceasefire

3Novices:Trump faces balancing act over Iran and Russian

3Novices:Russia blasts doping 'conspiracy' report

3Novices:German police detain Tunisian with links to Berlin attacker

3Novices:2016 in review: France stuck in a permanent state of emergency

3Novices:US and Russian militaries sharing increasing information on ISIL

3Novices:Yachtsman draws on endurance and technology to smash solo record

3Novices:Space gets busy as 2016 marks bumper year for exploration

3Novices:29 Turkish police officers in court for first coup trial

3Novices:Rescuers find flight recorder from Black Sea plane crash

3Novices:Hero's homecoming for record-breaking French sailor

3Novices:How pop icon George Michael 'changed China'

3Novices:German petition urges honour for Polish lorry driver killed in Berlin attack

3Novices:Here come the drones

3Novices:Pilot error or technical fault likely cause of Russia military plane crash

3Novices:Red Army Choir a fabled symbol of USSR and Russia

3Novices:Pope comforts terror victims in Christmas message

3Novices:Meet Canada's robot masters

3Novices:Floating containers: an answer to low-cost housing

3Novices:Russian military plane headed for Syria 'disappears from radar'

3Novices:Tunisia arrests nephew of Berlin market attacker Anis Amri

3Novices:Stewardess who survived 10,000 metre plane fall dies

3Novices:Technology 2016: Samsung sizzles, Mario fizzles, Apple peeves with Pods

3Novices:Anger in Turkey over ISIL video of soldiers burned alive

3Novices:Hard times for Turkey as currency slumps and debts mount

3Novices:Berlin attacker shot dead in Italy made video pledging allegiance to ISIL

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