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3Novices:Number of worldwide death sentences on the rise but executions drop - Amnesty International

3Novices:L.A. firefighters battle blaze in Apple Valley

3Novices:Deadly floods wreak havoc in Chile

3Novices:Ex-military ruler Muhammadu Buhari wins Nigeria presidential poll

3Novices:Hurricane force winds batter Europe

3Novices:Midnight deadline comes and goes but there is still hope of a nuclear deal with Iran

3Novices:Turkish prosecutor and two gunmen die in hostage crisis

3Novices:Dutch royals have painting looted by Nazis, inquiry reveals

3Novices:Spanish police arrest alleged would-be jihadi brothers

3Novices:Kouichi Kimura's Cozy House is a family home in a busy Japanese neighbourhood

3Novices:"Designers tend to be copycats," says Adidas global creative director

3Novices:Leftist militants shot dead by Turkish police in hostage situation

3Novices:Istanbul hostage crisis ends in deadly shootout

3Novices:‘Everyone will remember me’, said Germanwings co-pilot

3Novices:Page\Park appointed to restore fire-damaged Glasgow School of Art

3Novices:EU introduces labels on origin of meat other than beef

3Novices:Israel: Netanyahu warns nuclear deal would leave Iran able to make a bomb in under a year

3Novices:Nuclear talks with Iran jammed repeatedly over the years

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