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3Novices:Will Turks vote until Erdogan wins?

3Novices:27 dead in Romania disco blaze, scores injured

3Novices:Health-EU Newsletter - Special Edition - Refugee and Migrant Health

3Novices:Major powers shift positions on Syria during unprecedented talks

3Novices:Nappies up, condoms down... end to China's one-child policy hits shares

3Novices:Protecting intellectual property to boost business

3Novices:Bank of Japan says inflation target to be hit later than expected

3Novices:Eurozone prices and jobless data better, but still not good enough

3Novices:BA and Iberia owner IAG raises profit outlook

3Novices:Airbus to increase A320 production by 20 percent

3Novices:Shaker Aamer, last Briton in Guantanamo Bay, is released

3Novices:SCCS - Minutes of the 11th Plenary meeting, Luxembourg, 29 September 2015

3Novices:Conclusions of the conference: inputs and highlights put forward by the participants - Conference: “Which priorities for a European policy on multimorbidity?” (27 October 2015)

3Novices:Big four hold Syria talks before Iran joins in

3Novices:Allergan and Pfizer in talks that could unite makers Botox and Viagra

3Novices:China to buy 130 Airbus planes

3Novices:Air France-KLM defends cost cuts despite soaring profits

3Novices:Arctic withdrawal pushes Royal Dutch Shell into loss

3Novices:US posts weak GDP data but consumer spending healthy

3Novices:Red and processed meats cause cancer

3Novices:Call for proposals launched for projects concerning the health of refugees and other migrants

3Novices:Adoption of an amendment to the annual work plan 2015 and related call

3Novices:Info session - call for proposals for projects “Support MS under particular migratory pressure in their response to health related challenges" (30 October). Registration till 29 October 2015

3Novices:Crackdown on Turkish media ahead of crucial election

3Novices:Car industry woes cast aside as Automotive Hungary opens

3Novices:Volkswagen puts brave face on crash into the red

3Novices:Villa Nola the final resting place of a Roman Emperor

3Novices:Conference: “Which priorities for a European policy on multimorbidity?” (Brussels, 27 October 2015)

3Novices:Walmart seeks approval for drone delivery tests

3Novices:EU ends mobile roaming charges from 2017

3Novices:BP to tighten belt further as oil price slump hits profits

3Novices:Live soon, The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), 29-10-2015 at 6.30pm (CET)

3Novices:Lukewarm response to Poste Italiane market debut

3Novices:UK's economic growth slows more than expected

3Novices:Music score app finishes page-turners

3Novices:Deutsche Bundesbank's Chief Economist says they've done their homework on China

3Novices:Deutsche Bundesbank's Chief Economist On Germany & Euro Area Outlook

3Novices:Deutsche Bundesbank: Monetary Policy together with Fiscal Policy is doing their bit for European Growth

3Novices:Turning point: Europe's return to growth

3Novices:Russian police find half a tonne of caviar in speeding hearse

3Novices:ECB meeting repercussians and Abu Dhabi's new challenge

3Novices:France sees rare fall in jobless total

3Novices:Markets fret over Polish election winners' bank tax plan

3Novices:Toyota overtakes Volkswagen to top world car sales list

3Novices:Russia's Transaero airline grounded over safety fears

3Novices:China's yuan to join IMF currency basket - sources

3Novices:German business shrugs off VW scandal - IFO survey

3Novices:Robot fights wildfires while they're small

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