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3Novices:Does breast cancer care in Europe include psychological support?

3Novices:Study on cost-benefit analysis of reference laboratories for human pathogens

3Novices:Summary minutes - Meeting of Competent authorities for blood and blood components (26-27 May 2016)

3Novices:Registration open - EC/EUnetHTA Forum (Brussels, 21 October 2016)

3Novices:Dissatisfied customer in France takes a big bite out of Apple

3Novices:Russia accuses US of protecting extremists in Syria

3Novices:Rollercoaster Friday for Deutsche Bank on settlement fears and hopes

3Novices:Hungary's green agenda moves in two directions

3Novices:UK based carmakers voice concerns about Brexit effects

3Novices:Cyprus court orders Egyptian hijacker extradited

3Novices:Deutsche Bank boss offers reassurance after shares slump

3Novices:[Live] End of an odyssey: watch Rosetta crash into the comet it chased for years

3Novices:Cancer Control Joint Action (CanCon) to have strong presence at upcoming World Cancer Congress (Paris, 31 October - 3 November 2016)

3Novices:Health-EU Newsletter - Preparedness for cross-border health threats

3Novices:Paris Motor Show: driving into a clean future

3Novices:International Investment in Poland

3Novices:'Commencing countdown' astronauts prepare for blast off

3Novices:Commerzbank's shares slip despite restructuring

3Novices:Oil prices rise after OPEC announces first output cut since 2008

3Novices:Scepticism mounts over OPEC production cut move

3Novices:Blackberry hangs up the phone to focus on selling software and services

3Novices:Dutch authorities take Pokemon Go makers to court

3Novices:World in focus - best photos for September 29, 2016

3Novices:End of an odyssey: watch Rosetta crash into the comet it chased for years

3Novices:Patients without Borders: report from the Benelux Secretariat General on cross-border mobility of patients between Benelux countries, France and Germany

3Novices:Clinton vs Trump - Round One

3Novices:Investigators name two Russian speakers in connection with MH17 tragedy

3Novices:Draghi faces off against German critics

3Novices:Deutsche Bank shares perk up on insurance sale, rescue plan denial

3Novices:Iran says held naval manoeuvres with Italy in strategic strait

3Novices:Oil output freeze deal now seen more likely in November

3Novices:Turkey arrests 32,000 people in coup probe

3Novices:Face to face with Peru's Lord of Sipan 1,900 years after his death

3Novices:World in focus - best photos for September 28, 2016

3Novices:MH17 downed by missile transported from Russia: Dutch-led investigation

3Novices:Photokina keeping people in the picture

3Novices:Mali extremist jailed for nine years over Timbuktu attacks in ICC first

3Novices:No comment from Merkel on Deutsche Bank's woes

3Novices:Tourism boost for Hungary

3Novices:Blistering barnacles! Exhibition shows dark side of Tintin creator

3Novices:Turkey dismisses 87 spy agency staff over failed coup

3Novices:Trade and tax returns - business issues prominent in presidential debate

3Novices:World in focus - best photos for September 27, 2016

3Novices:'Public health emergency' as WHO says more than 90 per cent of world breathing bad air

3Novices:British foreign secretary Boris Johnson visits Syrian refugee camp

3Novices:France partly blames August jobless rise on terrorist attacks

3Novices:ECB: eurozone resilient despite Brexit vote

3Novices:Close race for the White House spooks financial markets

3Novices:Electricity produced from oceanic currents

3Novices:Sustainability and a sea of change for the ship industry

3Novices:Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan visits Syrian refugees in Istanbul

3Novices:Takeaway: ship safety

3Novices:Monday blues as Deutsche Bank and energy sector pull down European stocks

3Novices:World in focus - best photos for September 26, 2016

3Novices:US accuses Russia of 'barbarism' in Syria

3Novices:Hollande: 'France turned its back on the harkis'

3Novices:World in focus - best photos for September 25, 2016

3Novices:There's room for improvement in Paris boxroom apartments

3Novices:Corbyn emerges winner in battle to lead UK's Labour party

3Novices:Pope calls for respect between faiths as he comforts victims of Nice attack

3Novices:World in focus — best photos for September 24, 2016

3Novices:Monty Python member Terry Jones diagnosed with dementia

3Novices:Caixabank sells shares to buy Portugal's BPI

3Novices:Twitter's shares jump on takeover talks report

3Novices:French court cuts damages owed by rogue trader Jerome Kerviel

3Novices:Nigeria looks for millions of tax scofflaws to make up for slumping oil revenue

3Novices:Destination Mars, episode 8: Approaching the Red Planet

3Novices:Eurozone business growth dips close to a two-year low in September

3Novices:Russian toddler survives three days alone in the Siberian wilderness

3Novices:French economy slows in Q2

3Novices:India agrees to buy French Rafale fighters

3Novices:WTO backs Boeing over Airbus in latest round of government subsidies row

3Novices:Rosetta heads for glorious crash-landing

3Novices:Yellen defends Federal Reserve against Trump bias accusations

3Novices:Madagascar opens up national parks in bid to boost eco-toursim

3Novices:Self-driving, self-parking cars

3Novices:ECB mostly upbeat on eurozone employment

3Novices:The Bahamas Leak explained

3Novices:South Korea: Volkswagen boss questioned over emissions scandal

3Novices:German economic growth to slow says finance ministry

3Novices:World in focus - best photos for September 22, 2016

3Novices:Air strikes set Aleppo ablaze ahead of talks to salvage a truce in Syria

3Novices:European Medicines Agency Press Release - Zika virus infection: plasma- and urine-derived medicines safe to use

3Novices:OPEC and other oil producers tentatively inch towards a production freeze

3Novices:OECB forecasts weak global growth - not enough to meet expectations of young and old

3Novices:Trial opens for UK's 'Fake Sheikh' undercover reporter

3Novices:Bank of Japan changes stimulus policy

3Novices:3D printed cast could replace plaster

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