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3Novices:European Drug Report 2016: Trends and Developments

3Novices:Presentations - 6th meeting of the HTA Network (20 May 2016)

3Novices:2015 RAB annual summary of activity

3Novices:2015 RATC annual summary of activity

3Novices:Protests and strikes highlighted as further threat to French tourism industry

3Novices:George brothers say portable wind turbine can be a game changer

3Novices:India is world's fastest growing large economy

3Novices:Eurozone: inflation still negative and jobless rate unchanged

3Novices:VW Dieselgate damage could have been worse

3Novices:Ex-Miss Turkey sentenced for 'insulting Erdogan'

3Novices:Panasonic to end LCD production

3Novices:Ukrainian pilot released in prisoner-swap warns Kiev parliament :nothing is forgotten or forgiven

3Novices:Book review: Black Wind, White Snow examines the ideological excuses for Putin's territorial ambitions

3Novices:Agenda - High level group on nutrition and physical activity (Luxembourg, 01 June 2016)

3Novices:Agenda - Plenary meeting of the European Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health (Luxembourg, 02 June 2016)

3Novices:Rise and fall of Syrian rebel negotiator leaves peace talk hopes in tatters

3Novices:Another US interest rate hint from the Federal Reserve

3Novices:Bridgestone buying Speedy

3Novices:Monitoring sea pollution

3Novices:Takeaway: monitoring sea pollution

3Novices:Brexit campaign pulls left and right together

3Novices:Lufthansa and Latam to suspend flights to Venezuela

3Novices:NASA prepares humanoid robots for trip to Mars

3Novices:French economic growth improves

3Novices:Japan to postpone sales tax hike

3Novices:Up to 700 refugees believed drowned in the Mediterranean in three days, says UN

3Novices:How the far right is reaping benefits of public discontent in Europe

3Novices:Thousands of Muslims demand right to pray at Istanbul's Hagia Sophia

3Novices:400 EU civil servants running against social exclusion

3Novices:Health4LGBTI – New pilot project to reduce health inequalities experienced by LGBTI people

3Novices:US Q1 economic growth revised higher

3Novices:Putin and Tsipras focus on trade and investment

3Novices:China's steel makers deny hacking theft of US data

3Novices:Banco Popular latest capital increase causes share sell-off

3Novices:Canada breeding "genetically superior bee"

3Novices:New tech to protect Denmark's wind turbines from erosion

3Novices:Saving Green Turtles in the Gulf

3Novices:Dealing with danger: busy geniuses and watchful robots

3Novices:Takeaway: watchful robots

3Novices:Dealing with dementia via video games

3Novices:eSkills - Investing in European Youth to boost digital skills

3Novices:Philips Lighting IPO enjoys bright start

3Novices:Japan consumer prices fall again in April

3Novices:Board of Member States strategic view on ERN Affiliated Partners

3Novices:Health-EU Newsletter - The Tobacco Products Directive – Implementation in the EU

3Novices:Fashion retailers decide weather or not

3Novices:High UK migration totals feed into Brexit debate

3Novices:European police forces alerted after ISIL propaganda stunt reveals supporters' locations

3Novices:China hits back as G7 opens in Japan

3Novices:Oil tops $50 a barrel

3Novices:Takata 'gets investment offer'

3Novices:UK business investment falls

3Novices:Japan jumpstarts G7: Britain expected to push Brexit agenda

3Novices:Reputed financial experts to conclude AEF 2016 at plenary session

3Novices:Flash report and presentations - Expert Group on Health Information (11 May 2016)

3Novices:Summary report - Expert Group on Health Information (12 November 2015)

3Novices:Brexit fears and the future according to Google

3Novices:Humanitarian Summit spotlight on the economics of aid

3Novices:Toyota invests in ride-hailing firm Uber

3Novices:Huawei sues Samsung claiming patent infringement

3Novices:No handshake exemption for Muslim pupils, Swiss canton rules

3Novices:EU Health Award 2016 for NGOs Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance

3Novices:ECDC Rapid Risk Assessment - Zika virus disease epidemic, sixth update

3Novices:Monsanto rejects Bayer multi-billion dollar bid

3Novices:IMF urges France to speed up reforms to create jobs and cut debt

3Novices:French fuel strike: frustration at the pumps and an investment warning

3Novices:Greece evacuates squalid Idomeni migrant camp

3Novices:French drivers left without petrol as strikers blockade fuel depots

3Novices:Google Paris HQ raided by French investigators over tax payments

3Novices:Spotify: revenue up, losses widen

3Novices:Moody's downgrades Deutsche Bank's credit rating

3Novices:Private consumption and construction investment boost German growth in Q1

3Novices:Greece begins to clear Idomeni refugee camp - in pictures

3Novices:Brexit vote: one month away the recession warnings keep coming

3Novices:Tata Steel UK bid deadline passes

3Novices:Calls to end empty promises, share burden as leaders meet in Istanbul aid summit

3Novices:Ryanair plans cheaper fares to boost market share

3Novices:Charlie Hebdo columnist Zineb El Rhazoui refuses to be silenced

3Novices:Bayer 'confident' Monsanto offer will be accepted

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