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3Novices:Minutes - Meeting of the EU Patient Safety and Quality of Care Expert Group (08 June 2015)

3Novices:Flash report and presentations - 17th meeting of the Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action (22 September 2015)

3Novices:Presentations - Meeting of the EU Patient Safety and Quality of Care Expert Group (28 September 2015)

3Novices:Russia launches air strikes in Syria

3Novices:Suspect in Timbuktu mausoleum destruction appears in court

3Novices:France opens probe into Assad regime for crimes against humanity

3Novices:Electric shock as Tesla's Model X SUV finally launched

3Novices:Greek bank shutdown in July prompts retail sales slump

3Novices:Bringing the cost of space technology down to earth in Colombia

3Novices:Markets rally at end of worst quarter since 2011

3Novices:Eurozone inflation turns negative again

3Novices:Northern Lights adventure in the Lapp of luxury

3Novices:Agenda - 5th meeting of the HTA Network (29 October 2015, Paris)

3Novices:Development of European Reference Networks (ERNs): New page on the Assessment Process

3Novices:Tesla's electric Model X SUV almost ready for the road

3Novices:Expensive running shoes 'rated worse' than cheap ones, survey finds

3Novices:UK ‘fake sheikh’ reporter charged with conspiracy to pervert justice

3Novices:Syria rebels insist no role for Assad despite western overtures

3Novices:Inflation data in Germany and Spain worrying for eurozone

3Novices:Volume down, production up: Making wind work harder

3Novices:The Astronaut Academy: 'Things float. and you float.'

3Novices:US regulators hint at more Takata airbag recalls

3Novices:Glencore shares rally but fears remain for mining giant

3Novices:Ultratravel checks into London’s best new hotels

3Novices:Uncertainty over QE perturbs global markets

3Novices:Agenda - Eleventh Meeting of the Competent Authorities on Organ Donation and Transplantation (Brussels, 29-30 September 2015)

3Novices:Flash report - Plenary meeting of the European Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health (Luxembourg, 24 September 2015)

3Novices:Hungary: Refugee controls hit cross-border trade

3Novices:Future of SMEs: Europe’s economic powerhouses

3Novices:Formula E, one year old and looking to the future

3Novices:Suzuki to sell its stake in Volkswagen, sealing divorce

3Novices:Chinese industry suffers worst drop in profits for four years

3Novices:Vodafone and Liberty Global talks collapse

3Novices:Campaigners hail Shell withdrawal from Alaska Arctic drilling

3Novices:Liquid assets: how to test recycled water on the cheap

3Novices:Do you know: how does soil clean water?

3Novices:Counting footsteps to save lives

3Novices:Vote: Who do you think should win the EU's new innovation award?

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