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3Novices:To take the money or not - Ireland delays decision over Apple tax cash

3Novices:US in a tight spot in Syria as it risks alienating both Turkey and the Kurds

3Novices:Deutsche Bank's boss calls for more cross-border bank mergers

3Novices:German jobless rate falls again, retail sales data mixed

3Novices:Rescue drones a new generation of lifeguards

3Novices:Eurozone unemployment still 10.1% in July, inflation disappoints in August at 0.2%

3Novices:Turkey rejects ceasefire with Syrian Kurdish militia

3Novices:Syrian rebels 'close' to clearing ISIL from Turkish border but now have a new target

3Novices:Price gouging row: how much should those drugs cost?

3Novices:Banks pull the plug on South Korea's Hanjin Shipping

3Novices:The biggest consumer electronics fair hits Berlin

3Novices:Brexit vote unnerves eurozone and UK businesses

3Novices:Barroso Goldman Sachs pension protest petition grows

3Novices:Apple to appeal order to pay back €13bn over 'illegal' Irish tax benefits

3Novices:Muslim women accused of terrorism by French restaurant owner

3Novices:As oil prices slip, Qatar introduces airport tax

3Novices:Greek economy still struggling despite mild Q2 expansion

3Novices:Smartwatch revolution?

3Novices:'Cozmo' a high tech toy for the present and future

3Novices:Brussels crime lab attacked to 'destroy evidence'

3Novices:Oil price slump hits Sinopec profit

3Novices:Statoil promises more for less from Sverdrup field

3Novices:Dozens killed as Turkey ramps up Syria offensive

3Novices:Turkish soldier killed in Syria attack, Kurdish militia blamed

3Novices:Italy weeps at mass funeral for earthquake victims

3Novices:Turkish tanks pound pro-Kurdish fighters in Syria

3Novices:Danish women-led mosque holds first prayers

3Novices:Ghost migrants eke out life on Greek-Macedonia borde

3Novices:Turkey allows policewomen to wear headscarf

3Novices:World in focus - best photos for August 27, 2016

3Novices:Edition 2 - EU Mental Health Compass newsletter

3Novices:US second quarter growth sluggish, as consumer spending surges

3Novices:Case for US interest rate hike strengthens, says Fed's Yellen

3Novices:Ride-hailing firm Uber reportedly records record loss

3Novices:US: EpiPen costs to be slashed for some patients amid wave of criticism

3Novices:Top French court suspends burqini ban

3Novices:VW emissions scandal: Automaker agrees €1bn compensation deal for US dealers

3Novices:Eleven dead, dozens wounded in lorry bomb attack in Turkey

3Novices:Italian team brings household robot a step closer

3Novices:Asylum seekers donate daily allowances to Italy quake survivors

3Novices:Turkey sends more tanks to Syria and warns Kurdish militia to withdraw

3Novices:Protests in Istanbul ahead of opening of third Bosphorus bridge

3Novices:Rolls Royce engine problems on Boeing 787s cause disruption for ANA

3Novices:Investors await Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's interest rate thoughts

3Novices:Hopes of a production freeze dim, pulling down oil prices

3Novices:Brexit vote effect pulls down German business morale

3Novices:World in focus - best photos for August 25, 2016

3Novices:Facebook, Twitter 'failing to curb extremist content'

3Novices:Italy earthquake death toll rises to 247 as rescuers race to find survivors

3Novices:Book review: The Vanquished exposes the bloody aftershocks of the First World War

3Novices:Viral photos add fuel to French burqini debate

3Novices:Turkish operation ousts ISIL from Syrian town

3Novices:French submarine builder DCNS scuppered by leaks

3Novices:Burkini sales boosted by ban controversy

3Novices:NASA's latest launch - to bring back 'scientific treasure'

3Novices:Exports keep Germany economic growth strong

3Novices:Beyond the beat: half a century of Turkish experimental music

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