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3Novices:Exploring the brain while we chat to better understand how it works

3Novices:Francesco Faccin creates "micro architecture" for bees with Honey Factory

3Novices:Agenda, list of attendees and presentations - Meeting of the EU Patient Safety and Quality of Care Expert Group (08 June 2015)

3Novices:Minutes - Meeting of the EU Patient Safety and Quality of Care Expert Group (11 February 2015)

3Novices:New EU logo to help patients avoid online sellers of fake medicines

3Novices:Greece seeks new EU loans after IMF debt default

3Novices:British shoe seller tries to crowdfund Greek bailout

3Novices:Thai crackdown on rogue fishing as EU ban fears loom

3Novices:Greece becomes first developed country to default on IMF

3Novices:Greece defaults on IMF debt

3Novices:Greece could suspend referendum: European source

3Novices:Leers Weinzapfel wraps new water cooling plant in a copper-coloured screen

3Novices:Greece seeks last-minute debt deal as default nears

3Novices:Greek payment delay? IMF rules allow it

3Novices:Greece has offered to suspend referendum: report

3Novices:Thousands of pro-bailout supporters rally in Athens

3Novices:Ming Kong develops tactile interface to navigate CAD environments

3Novices:Eurozone refuses Greek bailout extension, more talks Wednesday

3Novices:At least 20,000 pro-bailout supporters rally in Athens

3Novices:Greek debt drama heightens contagion fears

3Novices:Eurogroup refuses Greece bailout extension, talks to continue

3Novices:Greece has offered to suspend referendum: report

3Novices:Greece has offered to suspend referendum: report

3Novices:EU to help 'frontline' Hungary cope with migrant wave: official

3Novices:Obama: Greece crisis could hit EU growth but no 'major shock to system'

3Novices:MVRDV's Stedelijk Museum renovation makes way for the historical details, says Nathalie de Vries

3Novices:Obama: Greece crisis could hit EU growth but no 'major shock to system'

3Novices:Greece default nears as Athens makes last gasp bid for deal

3Novices:Studio Ilio uses electricity to form solid objects from wire and waste 3D-printing powder

3Novices:EU to help 'frontline' Hungary cope with migrant wave: official

3Novices:Merkel says won't discuss new Greek request before referendum: lawmaker

3Novices:Greece in last-minute rescue appeal as default looms

3Novices:Iran sanctions freeze extended for 7 days for talks: EU

3Novices:Denmark to reimpose border controls 'but in line with Schengen'

3Novices:Merkel says unaware of new EU proposal on Greece

3Novices:Avoid 'bad history' in Greece, top economists warn

3Novices:Herzog & de Meuron completes a mountain-top restaurant around a cable-car station

3Novices:Eurozone braced to resist 'Grexit' shocks

3Novices:BIG's experiments in skyscraper design continue with Frankfurt win

3Novices:UK man launches crowdfunding bid to bail out Greece

3Novices:Greece teeters on brink of default

3Novices:EU's Juncker proposed 'last-minute' solution to Greece's Tsipras: source

3Novices:Renzi says Italy 'out of firing line' of Greek crisis fallout

3Novices:Pelle's stick-style lighting enables multiple configurations

3Novices:Spain PM wants 'yes' vote in Greek referendum, change in govt

3Novices:Eurozone inflation slows to 0.2 percent, unemployment stable

3Novices:Europe attacks Syriza to block Spain's Podemos: Greek minister

3Novices:Deal struck to abolish EU roaming charges

3Novices:WikiLeaks in new US-French revelations - video

3Novices:China's central bank moves and the progress of the yuan

3Novices:Biagioni Pecorari adds brick water tower to remodelled house in Argentina

3Novices:Greece stares at IMF default days ahead of referendum

3Novices:EU slams 'disturbing' Thai student sedition charges

3Novices:Eurozone in panic as Athens teeters on brink of default

3Novices:Expert Group on European Health Workforce - Brussels, 17 June 2015

3Novices:ECB chief Mario Draghi in front line of Greek crisis

3Novices:Greek referendum - a big bet to keep Greece in the euro

3Novices:Greek default poses new challenge to IMF credibility

3Novices:Greece could seek legal action against euro exit: report

3Novices:Ireland says door remains open for Greece debt talks

3Novices:Portugal 'well-equipped to resist damage from Greece'

3Novices:EU leaders urge Greeks to vote 'yes' to stay in euro as default nears

3Novices:Fitch cuts rating for 4 top Greek banks

3Novices:Referendum to make Greece 'better armed' for negotiations, PM says

3Novices:Villa Willemsdorp by Dieter De Vos features a lopsided gable and walls clad with roof tiles

3Novices:Greek PM Tsipras says will not cling to job at any cost

3Novices:Some 17,000 anti-bailout demonstrators rally in Greece

3Novices:Anti-bailout demonstrators rally in Greece

3Novices:Ateliers transforms old technology museum in Delft into flexible open-plan office

3Novices:Google gets extended deadline to answer EU case

3Novices:Banks lose billions as Europe's markets jitter over Greece

3Novices:Architecture for atheists imagined in designs by graduate Kacper Chmielewski

3Novices:Chinese premier urges Greece to stay in euro

3Novices:Preparations underway for Greece's pivotal bailout vote

3Novices:What happens if Greece defaults on IMF?

3Novices:Preparations underway for Greece's pivotal bailout vote

3Novices:Moscow hopes Brussels will avoid 'negative scenarios' over Greece: Lavrov

3Novices:EU leaders urge Greeks to vote 'yes' to stay in euro

3Novices:‘Black Monday’ in Greece as panic simmers

3Novices:Hella Jongerius combines cork and felt for striped rug collection

3Novices:Enzo Mari knife inspires twisting sculpture at Goodwood 2015

3Novices:'Door still open for Greece': Dijsselbloem

3Novices:Spain says Greece can still negotiate debt deal

3Novices:Renzi calls Greek referendum a vote on euro

3Novices:Merkel says ready for new Greece talks 'after referendum'

3Novices:Default veteran Argentina expresses solidarity with Greece

3Novices:Greek crisis threatens European dream: analysts

3Novices:This week we like: buildings made of mud

3Novices:EU, Russia and Ukraine aim for gas deal on Tuesday

3Novices:Sarkozy urges Europe not to "yield" to Greece

3Novices:Sou Fujimoto uses seashells and thatching for village-inspired arts complex in rural China

3Novices:European markets hit by Greek waves

3Novices:Dezeen Jobs: latest jobs update

3Novices:Movers, not shakers: cable-driven robots may lift European heavy industry

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